ATS Ltd. starts up as an IC Design Center exclusively in Amsterdam (Holland) for Samsung Semiconductors. We are constructed with a team of technopreneur engineers with IC Design as their profession and together with a team of supporting personnel; we are driving to an expectation of your dream.

For long we have established a strong bond with Samsung which is one of the top ten in Semiconductor Companies, Samsung has became our long term partner. Together we are committed in servicing you. We have also built a group of customers and we are strategic suppliers to many of them.

Apart from Semiconductor industry, we are also focus on system level development such like PDP, LCD TV which is emerging market in future life. Surely, PLCBUS is our new technology on Power line control range, and itsĄŻ reliability can be up to 99.98%.

We are geared with number of total solution for your application, and we delivered our service in shortest possible turn-around time.