Key Features of CARMeN-I

  • ARM7TDMI with optional header card for

  • ARM720T, 940T/9TDMI, 946, 920T

  •  Up to 3 millions ASIC gates

                     XILINX XCV6000, XCV2000E

                            ALTERA 20k1000

  •  30+MHz configurable clock

  •  Compatible with Multi-ICE, Embedded ICE.

  • Support RTOS (eg. pSOS, VxWorks, ECOS, etc)

  • Physical Interfaces : Smartcard (ISO7816) slot, CAN Bus, PCMCIA, PCI3.3V, USB, IrDA and RS232, 330 IO

  • Includes source code IPs : AMBA compatible decoder; APB bridge; SRAM & FLASH controller; Timers; UART; Programmable Interrupt Controller & Remap.



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