Due to the growing complexity in embedded integrated systems, prototyping techniques are required that enable development and debugging for large IP based SOC designs.Creating ad-hoc prototypes is not the best solution,as additional design time is required, something that is almost never available. It is now possible to utilize a powerful and flexible development platform such as CARMeN-II for full ASIC at-speed emulation. All the peripheral and bus decoders are provided as Verilog source code, which means you have full control over what is being emulated and moreover, the entire design can be mapped into an ASIC. 

        Using CARMeN-II, reductions in development time and cost are achieved due to the use of a proven development board which allows the designer to concentrate on the real task in hand. Moreover, during the development and fab phases of the project, software development can be performed on the same design emulated on the development board. ASIC design groups can use CARMeN-II as a demonstration platform for the system under development, for hardware and software co-design and specification verification with customers.


Mapped reference design with physical interfaces


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