CARMeN-II  Core ARM emulatioN  for Embedded SOC and Software  Co-Development




      The major driving forces behind modern day SoC design are hardware-software co-development, full ASIC verification and IP evaluation. Systems that would previously be made with discrete components are now integrated on a single chip and new design flows arenecessary to overcome previously insignificant problems such as bus structures, test bench modeling and the ability to debug many different scenarios in a short time.CARMeN-II builds on the success and experience of previous ARM? emulation boards from SIDSA. As well as being a very fast FPGA based prototyping platform for ARM? AHB embedded design it also offers the designer a host of software configurable interfaces for modern day prototyping: IrDA, CAN Bus,USB 1.x /2.0, Ethernet, PCMCIA, Smart Card, PCI. ASICs for DVB Set Top Boxes, Bluetooth, PDAs, GPS systems, networked appliances and automotive design can be easily debugged and emulated at speed. No partitioning of the FPGA is required as the design is mapped into a single high-density Xilinx Virtex-II.Instead of the traditional approach where preprogrammed FPGAs serve only for software development, CARMeN-II provides a unique platform that includes an ARM? core chip and source code for AMBA bus compatible IPs (Bus decoders & standard peripherals), enabling full ASIC prototyping as well as software debugging. Because CARMeN-II is so flexible it can also be used as a verification platform for IP integration from SIDSA (DMA and external memory controllers, Advanced Vectorized Interrupt Controller, ARM7 Cache, LCD Controller, AHB multi-layer interconnection matrix, ATA, USB, Smart Card, UART16550, PCMCIA, etc), and third-party opening up a whole range of new possibilities for rapid SOC design.


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