Mask Tooling
  We Provide the Following Services  
  • Real Time WIP Service at its dedicated Web site
  • Wafer Manufacturing (Mask/Fabrication)
  • Turnkey Solution (Fab/Assembly/Test/Packing)
  • Hot TAT Solution (Fast Track Solution)
  • Foundry Business Level
    • Level 1: Wafer Fabrication Service
    • Level 2: Wafer Fabrication and Wafer Sorting Service
    • Level 3: Wafer Fabrication, Packaging and Final Sorting Service
    • Etc. : Mask Making Service

On-Time Delivery

Samsung Foundry makes on-time availability to meet customers' plans for quick introduction of new products to the market.

Wafer Manufacturing Cycle Time

Mass Production HOT Flow Super Hot
  Pre-Fab Cycle Time
  Mask Inspection
2 1.5 1.0
  Cycle Time per Layer
2.5 1.5 1.0
  Packing & Shipping 3 1.5 1.0

Available Information

Process Technology Information

  • Process Key Feature, Design Rule, Electrical Characteristics etc.
  • Technology Road map

Fabrication Information

  • WIP, TAT, Yield, Delivery etc.
  • Process Monitoring Data, Electrical Test Data etc.

Reliability Data

  • HCI, TDDB, EM/SM, etc.