Oki 0.15µm ARM core achieves Silicon Verified Silver Status

Posted : 17 Aug 2004

Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has claimed that its 0.15µm ARM7 hard IP core family is the industry's first ARM-based core to achieve Silver IP status on 0.15µm technology at UMC. The Silver IP rating is part of UMC's Gold IP program to certify that a chip has been successfully tested on UMC silicon and is ready for production.

The silicon verification of Oki's 0.15µm ARM7 core joins the availability of Oki's 0.15µm AMR9 core family hard IP at UMC, which is currently rated as GDS (General Data Stream) j-ready Bronze status, to enable customers designing their products using these cores to shorten their development cycle time.

UMC already offers 0.18µm and 0.13µm Silver rated ARM cores through its Gold IP program. Oki's silicon-verified ARM-based IP at the 0.15µm generation is designed for small chip size, competitive cost and ultra low power consumption, and suite embedded applications such as PHS baseband controllers and low-end printers. Oki is currently developing products using this core with uPLAT-7B, which is based on Oki's uPLAT system LSI development platform, and expects its first sample shipment in December 2004 and volume delivery in March 2005.