Sharp and Tessera expand packaging agreement

Posted : 05 Aug 2004

Seeking to broaden its exposure to the consumer electronics market, Tessera Technologies Inc. has expanded an existing agreement to license semiconductor packaging technology to Sharp Corp.

Sharp uses Tessera's technology to package many types of semiconductor devices, such as Flash memory and Flash and SRAM stacked combinations, both markets in which Sharp is considered an industry leader, as well as application integrated circuits (ASICs) and logic devices. Sharp incorporates these semiconductors into consumer products, including personal digital assistants, digital still cameras, video cameras and mobile handsets.

The packaging technology available to Sharp under the expanded agreement covers a broad range of CSP and MCP types, including ICs in face-down, face-up, fold-over, stacked and SiP formats. The packages are based on either tape or laminate substrates.

"Tessera is pleased to have reached an agreement that has much broader license terms with Sharp, a company broadly recognized as a leading packaging innovator. As a result of this agreement, we are increasing Tessera's penetration in the consumer electronics market," said Kirk Flatow, Tessera's senior VP, marketing and sales, in a statement.