Netherlands makes file-sharing arrest

Associated Press

Netherlands Netherlands authorities have made their first arrest for allegedly sharing copyright files over the Internet, a spokeswoman said.

The suspect used the popular file-sharing program BitTorrent, said Customs and Excise Department spokeswoman Agnes Law.

The 38-year-old man, who was not identified, is suspected of uploading the films Daredevil, Red Planet and Miss Congeniality onto a Web site from which others could obtain them, Ms. Law said.

The suspect was not immediately charged and investigations are continuing, she said. Illegally distributing copies of copyrighted material carries a maximum penalty of four years' prison and a fine of $6,400 (U.S.) for every illegal copy.

BitTorrent uses innovative software that speeds up as the number of people sharing data increases.

Officials have promised to step up copyright protection efforts in Netherlands, which is known for its fake luxury goods and illegally copied music and films.