High Estimate to PLCBUS Technology is from many occident Smart Home Control organizations.
(5/19/2005 06:57 a.m. PST)

Since ATS Ltd in Holland announced the born of PLC-BUS (Power Line Communication Bus) technology. Many intelligence technology leagues, institutes, academes and other organizations paid great attention to it, and gave a high score.

The vice president of America green architecture institute Nigel Howard indicated that, ¡°The PLC-BUS technique will spread over the world because it is so simple like X10, and it has unique dependability and intercommunication.

The president of Canada green architecture institute Alex Zimmerman said:¡¯ The breakthrough made by PLC-BUS in power line carrier wave will let more developers turn round to pay attention to the developing of simple and useful products instead of pursuing fancy but hard to realize industrialization. He considered PLC-BUS to be a simple and functional home automation technique.

Dominique Roussel, chairman of France smart home and smart residence development institute, said that,¡¯ ATS Ltd and its PLC-BUS technology has swept France, we have to open our eyes and pay more attention to it.

In May 2003, Derek J. Clements-Croom, the pre-chairman of Europe Smart Architecture League, when seeing about the headquarter of ATS Ltd in Amsterdam, said that ATS Ltd had realized a breakthrough in smart control technology by electric line, which nobody cares. It incarnates the developing idea of ATS Ltd-¡°not go on the regular way, dare to break the customs¡±. The breakthrough of the electric line communication technology will greatly save lay-wires materials, cut down the cost of the automation of the house, and speed up the steps of network and intellectualization. It is a green, environmental and costless intelligent control technique. It will definitely bring strong impulsion to the traditional lay-wires ideas and markets so it will make every family enjoy the smart home technology. Since January 2003, ATS Ltd has become a core member of Europe Smart Architecture League.