Philips cooperates with ATS for developing modularized smart lighting projects.
(5/25/2005 05:32 p.m. PST)

Philips Electronics has built up symbiosis with ATS Ltd for developing and sell modularized PLC-BUS smart lighting solutions for industrial applications to extend the relationship between the two companies. Modularized PLC-BUS smart lighting solutions make ATS¡¯s high-dependable and low-cost power line communication technology joined together with Philips¡¯s power supply design, development and integration.It is anticipated that the modularizeddesign will simplify the smart light design because PLC-BUS technology makes use of the electric line to realize the function of smart light, we can inquire about the status of the lights, which means we realize intercommunication by this technology. For the industry users, it can save a lot of cost and realize the inquire function, especially fit for the dangerous, poisonous and chemical digging areas; for the principals oflight-electricityprojects,it can save much time and easy to set up, debug and maintain; it can also quicken the process of industry solid smart light solutions. Our customers will benefit from the new cooperation between Philips and ATS.¡± CEO of Philips lighting K.R.den Daas stated:¡± Our speciality in system design and the exploit breakthrough will make us exert the potentials of ATS Ltd sufficiently and offer outstanding smart light solutions for industry fields.¡±

The two companies prefigure that the first pack of products based on PLC-BUS will come into the market in 2005 for worldwide supply.