ATS Ltd declared the partnership relation with the America IC software supplier-Magma.
(06/01/2005 03:55 a.m. PST)

Since 2002 when PLC-BUS technology was born in Holland, PLC-BUS has spread over Europe like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Since 2003, it has been used widely in America and Australia. At the beginning of this year, the producing ability of PLC-BUS chips countered with a tribulation-although ATS Ltd built up a base for producing chips in Australia, it can only satisfy Australia and some European areas. So ATS Ltd plans to build up the biggest base for producing chips in Asia, which is tended to set in India. ATS Ltd is sure that Asia will be the great market for PLC-BUS products in the future. On 6th May 2005, ATS Ltd build up the partnership relation with the America IC software supplier-Magma in due form. ATS Ltd will adopt Magma¡¯s whole RTL to GDSll design plans in ASIC project, and Magma will offer live technique support. This action will assure of the producing speed and the quality of the chips to satisfy the growing demand.

Henry Devine, vice manager of designing of ATS LTD, says that Magma¡¯s conform design precept makes their company finish design Netlist to GDSll in a short time. While the design is becoming more and more complicated, along with the pressure put into production, under Magma¡¯s uniform data mode, the engineers can still communicate with customers simply and efficiently and finally complete the design soon.

Every component of Magma system is based on a uniform data mode, which uses the same engine to analyze time order, power consume and signal integrality. So we can be supplied with a definite and high-conformed IC precept, then we are able to consider nano design problems in a uniform condition, for example, OCV problem, complicated physics design problems and noise problems, which can help the designer, meet the demand of chip¡¯s capability and design progress.