ATS Ltd developed digital smart lighting and appliance communication control system by cooperating with KPN.
(06/03/2005 09:20 a.m. PST)

On 9th June, KPN in Holland subscribed an agreement with ATS Ltd. In the smart home and network project started by KPN, the two companies agreed to build up partnership relation for developing and set up digital smart lighting and appliance communication control system. The two companies stated in the news briefing that the agreement extended the cooperation in power line carrier wave protocol and communication service fields. Based on the carrier wave protocol, TV, telephone, various appliances joined together with net service organically. For the future, KPN customers can control appliance long-distance away and also enjoy auto ordering online service. KPN planned to realize home automation with network in deed through the unite of DSL net and home power lines.

At the end of last year, ATS Ltd subscribed an agreement with KPN for supplying PLC-BUS receive-modules used for controlling lighting and appliances by net. After this cooperation, KPN extended their business range; as to ATS Ltd, the PLC-BUS technology will be more widely used with the developing of telecom industry, at the same time, the digital home automation era will coming soon.