ATS Ltd developed an innovative and low-cost power transmission control system together with Germany Electric Power Company.
(06/08/2005 11:31 p.m. PST)

Recently, ATS Ltd announced that they invent a low-cost power transmission control system with Germany Electric Power Company. This system is so innovative that it was very low-cost and is suitable for all electric systems. Of them, there are low-cost electric-net intelligent control technique designed for people-centralized areas, a series of standard independent smart generate-electricity control systems made for distant electric net and scattered users. The system is mainly applied in diesel engine groups, small water-power stations and wind-power stations, which are connected with the local tiny electric net.

This type adapts to multi-user and single-user systems. The former is designed for people-centralized areas while the latter is designed for distant areas. If the main electric net has developed to this level, the devices for generating electricity can be transferred to more distant villages, and the tiny electric net can be connected to the nationí»s main electric net through transformers.

The inventing and application of this system deepened the cooperation relation between ATS Ltd and Germany Electric Power Company, which indicates that PLC-BUS will get more market share of smart control products in Germany.