ATS Ltd have got great confidence in developing Asia markets.
(06/18/2005 09:55 a.m. PST)

In January 2005, Lewis Smyth, the vice president of marketing of ATS Ltd, started to see about the Asia markets, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India and other countries. It is anticipated that Asia will become one of the biggest markets for smart technology applications. During his trip of interviewing some famous smart products manufactories, Shanghai Super Smart Electronics Ltd was the first company he went in. He talked with the manager of Shanghai Super Smart- Mr. Yang for more than three hours with great pleasure. They got great interest for primary cooperation. After over one month¡¯s communications by email and telephone, the two companies agreed on a primary cooperation protocol that Shanghai Super Smart Electronics Ltd was granted to produce smart home products by using PLC-BUS chips on March 10th. Why ATS Ltd chose SUPERSMART as their first cooperation partner? It is mainly because China is becoming more powerful and China is definitely going to be the centre market of Asia; Shanghai is the economy center of China, and the headquarters of Shanghai SUPER SMART Electronics is located in Shanghai. In addition, SUPERSMART has been judged as famous brands of smart home products for two continuous years, which is one of the main causes why ATS Ltd has chosen SUPERSMART as his first cooperation partner.

In all, ATS really appreciates SUPERSMART¡¯s successful cooperation experiences with the OEM overseas. President Lewis Smyth believes that Asia will be a good future and dream, with China to be its wings.