ATS Chip Upgrade to PLCBUSÅ
(24/07/2009 09:55 a.m. PST)

PLCBUS2 Chip Upgrade-finished: Through 4-years successful cooperation with our Sole distributor in Asia area - Shanghai Super Smart Electronics Co. Ltd. We obtained big success in PLCBUS chip technology and Production, R&D, OEM cooperation, IC providing, and PLCBUS Interface with other systems.

Till June of 2009, our PLCBUS sales qty in Asia has cumulated to 250000pcs, Comparing to 150000pcs of 2008, at the end of 2009, our PLCBUS Chip total sales qty can be up to 300000pcs.

This time, we spend more than 1-year to upgrade the PLCBUS chip to Red one and we have cost lots of long-time aging testing in Voltage, Current, Temperature, Humidity, Attenuation, Pulse Interference and Power Line Resistive/Inductive. Thus, current PLCBUS chip have very high-level combine with your products in home automation control range and provide you steady system absolutely for your customers.

In the following, let us introduce our PLCBUS Chip grows steps to you:

In 2005: PLCBUS Black Chip (No.9402393)

In 2007: PLCBUS Blue Chip (No.201071)

In 2009: PLCBUS Red Chip (No.207078)