ATS Chip Upgrade to PLCBUSÅ
  PLC-BUS market in Asia
  Germany Electric Power Co.
  KPN in Holland with ATS
  Partnership with Magma
  Philips cooperates with ATS
  Agreement with Australia Gov.
  High estimate to PLC-BUS
  Born of PLC-BUS technology
  HP is NO.1 in India headcount
  Microsoft: Tech future lies in Longhorn
  SpeedFam-IPEC sales up 49%; universal CMP tool to ship soon
  Cypress to mix programmable logic, high-speed serial I/O in new chip series
  Core Internet technology vulnerable
  Group wants to invalidate Microsoft patent
  Canada's justice supercomputer plan hits snag
  ASICs at heart of disposable computer
  Pulse-Link IC suits UWB SDCR solution
  HP to launch built-to-order gaming PC
  Semiconductor firms unite in lead-free initiative
  Toshiba claims first chip based on X Architecture
  ARM AXI System Components target SoC designs
  Samsung develops highly-integrated HDTV SoC
  Oki 0.15µm ARM core achieves Silicon Verified Silver Status
  Sharp and Tessera expand packaging agreement
  ARM's New Chip Aims Beyond Cell Phones
  IBM has world's fastest supercomputer
  Samsung Electronics Introduces World's First VGA-class TFT-LCD Driver IC for Mobile Phones
  Actel announces IP core generator for its FPGAs
  NEC's MCU touts 128KB of on-chip flash
  FBI may scrap $170 million project
  Teen accused of leaking Apple secrets