CARMeN Board    Analog Cores  
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    Benefit of CARMeN TBH
  Key Features of CARMeN-II Prode
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  Video Decoder
    Plasma display Panel     PLCBUS Modules
  IVAM - 72T1 / D1  PLCBUS-201071
  Image board  PLCBUS-207078
  Main Features  PLCBUS-9402393
  Plasma TV/Moni tor PLCBUS-269546
  Audio Feature/Audio Sound Effect PLCBUS-332569
  Video I/O Interface PLCBUS-362458
  Image Display/OSD Feature PLCBUS-985468
    Digital Cores     ASIC Products list
 GUA7T/ GUA9T/ GUA920T Asic products
 Oak/ TeakLite/ Teak  
 Peripheral Cores for GUA Cores  
 Soft Cores